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November 18th
On November 3, 1914 one of the truly unique voices of world poetry was stilled. Georg Trakl, 27, a reserve lieutenant-pharmacist in the Austro-Hungarian army committed suicide by overdosing on cocaine while under observation at a military hospital. For those who knew Trakl’s work, this fate was “a death foretold.” Trakl bridged the excesses of […]
October 17th
by Chris Gibbons “I resolved to find what remained of Company D for (my grandfather), and for (his fellow soldiers), and for myself, as well, and complete a story begun on a hot July day so long ago, when young men raced across open fields toward machine guns and disappeared into history.” (From “The Remains […]
October 14th
Form and bolt first had to burst, World had to press through opened valves: Form is ecstasy, peace, heavenly contentment, But something urges me to plough up the clods of the field. Form wants to lace and constrict me, But I want to force my being into all distances— Form is pure hardness without mercy, […]

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